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Last Updated 02/15/2020

Hellhound Timeline - Look here to find out when your favorite Hellhound characters were born, when certain stories took place and so on. You'll also find a sample of the cover artwork from The Log of the Hellhound, Book I.

Where to find the Hellhound Stories - Check out this link to find out where each story and book of the Hellhound saga was printed. All of the Hellhound stories are still readily available in reprint editions and the newest Book (IX) has just been printed in Southern Seven #12 (see below). Last Updated 07/18/98 with hyperlinks to some of the zines where the stories appear.

Hellhound Cartoons - Hellhound has inspired some of Ashton Press' resident artists to produce a number of cartoons and we've reproduced a few of them here for your enjoyment! There are many more printed throughout our zines. Last Updated 07/18/98 with a new cartoon.

Hellhound Excerpts - At this link, you'll find a few text excerpts to whet your appetite for yet more Hellhound! Added 07/18/98.

Hellhound Cast - Click here to see a picture which illustrates a few of the Hellhound "cast members" as drawn by Leah Rosenthal

Who's Who in Hellhound - Katrina Larkin has contributed an article detailing just exactly "who's who" in the Hellhound universe. Part 1 of 3 is now posted!

The Hellhound Shopping Club -- Check here for all your Hellhound shopping needs! Added 07/18/98.

Reviews - Go here to see what other folks are saying/have said about the Hellhound series over the years. Have your opinion??? E-mail us a review and we'll consider posting it!

Southern Seven #12 - Southern Seven is one of fandom's oldest Blakes 7 genzines and is proud to have featured The Log of the Hellhound from the very beginning. Our latest issue spotlights The Log of the Hellhound - Book IX. Check out our Southern Seven site to see a full color preview of the Hellhound Avon cover and to find a synopsis of the contents.

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