Your host for the silly side of Hellhound - Hellhound Orac!

One of the first Hellhound cartoons that Leah Rosenthal ever drew was this take-off cartoon, aptly named The Log of the Devildog. There's a story that goes along with the picture...but if you want to see that as well, you'll have to buy the zine! You can find the short story, "Writhing Lawn Sprinklers," along with Book III of The Log of the Hellhound, in Southern Seven 3.

This particular cartoon is a take-off of a lovely Hellhound Avon cover that Suzi Lovett provided for Blakes Doubles #2. Click here to see a totally irreverent view of Kerr Avon...but don't be shocked! I call this one... Hellbuns!

The cartoon featured here is a bit of silliness that was specifically asked for by Brendan O'Cullane (hence the reference to "Brendan" in the dialogue). I suppose we could name this one... Bloodhound?

This cartoon was done by one of the creators of Hellhound, Katrina herself! We could call this one…Bareskins! True Hellhound devotees will understand the reference!

Stay tuned for more cartoons, including a Hellhound Vila you won't believe and some of Picasso's "unique" interpretations of the Hellhound universe.


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