Sarah Thompson comments on The Log of the Hellhound, Book IX:

Annie, perhaps you could pass on to the authors that some of their avid but ignorant fans would really appreciate a list of the actors, musicians, etc. who play the parts of the various Hellhound ocs. Plus a discography telling us where to find the songs! Some time ago I made a list of all the ones I could find, but there were some that I never did identify-- and now, of course, there's a whole new book's worth.

I've now finished reading Book IX and can report that it delivers. There are lots of ocs, including some new ones, but the many plot threads are starting to come together in a satisfying way. The tide is slowly turning in favor of the rebels, yay! There's not a lot of Avon, but what there is, is choice; and there's a fair amount of Blake. Blake fans will be happy to know that he finds a new love in this book. As usual, lots of vivid description, action, snappy dialogue, great clothes, and rock 'n' roll.

I can't wait for Book X! I have my suspicions as to what is going to happen, and I'm very curious to see whether I've guessed right. If so, it should be a wonderful wallow. It will be such a thrill to have the saga complete.

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Ashton Press/Ann Wortham

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